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Powerball Lottery Draw Results and Winning Numbers

Check the results of the world’s most popular lottery. If you have picked all the numbers correctly, you’re a millionaire!

We also present the archive draw results, so you can check which numbers have been drawn the most.

Powerball Jackpot – Powerball rollover

Powerball gives the players an opportunity to win the biggest jackpots seen in the lotto world. The minimum jackpot in Powerball is $40,000,000! Still, it’s the possibility to claim an amazing jackpot is the reason why Powerball hits the media headlines on a regular basis. The biggest recorded rollover in Powerball surpassed $1,500,000,000!

Powerball prizes and Powerball winners

There are 9 prize tiers in Powerball. Hundreds of thousands of players become winners after each draw. You can check the information about the winners and prize tiers in the table above.

Powerball most frequently drawn numbers

Preparing a strategy to play Powerball? Some players use their own numbers, others use the most frequently drawn numbers to fill in their ticket.

Here are the hot numbers in Powerball: 8, 26, 22, 23, and 36.
Numbers 15, 51, 37, 47, 12, 4, and 24 have been drawn the least.

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